CBMI'01 Technical Program

Note that some modifications have been done on August 30th to adjust the final program.

Tuesday, 18th September, 2001

16h30-18h30 On-Site Registration

Wednesday, 19th September, 2001

8H00-9H00 On-Site Registration
9h00-9h15 Opening
9h15-10h00 Invited Speaker: Thomas S. Huang
Recognizing high-level concepts for video indexing
10h00-10h50 Oral Session 1: Cross-Modal Indexing
Unifying keywords and content in image retrieval
Xiang Sean Zhou, Thomas S. Huang
Joint textual and visual cues for retrieving images using Latent Semantic Indexing
Zoran Pecenovic, Serge Ayer and Martin Vetterli
10h50-11h15 Coffee Break
11h15-12h30 Oral Session 2: Video Indexing
Scale-space blobs tracking for video dynamic content representation
Remi MEGRET, Jean-Michel JOLION
Recovering Camera Motion and Mobile Objects in Video Documents
Damien Paulin, Dinesh Kumar, Rhagav Bhaskar and Georges Quenot
An Open Integrated System for Video Indexing
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-15h00 Poster Session 1: Media Processing
Text detection and localization using MultiCamShift with MLP
Keechul Jung, Kwang In Kim, JungHyun Han
String based analysis of images
L.Capodiferro, F. Davoli, G. Jacovitti
A combined use of fractal coding and wavelet decomposition for video sequence zooming from key-frames
M.Ancis, L.Atzori, D.D.Giusto, C.Perra
A method for recovering original image for video caption area and replacing caption text
Byung Tae Chun, Younglae Bae
Image Retrieval by Color Signatures
Horia GRECU , Patrick LAMBERT
Colour Region Based Method for Image Database Retrieval
M. Carli, F. Luciani, A. Neri
F.G.B. De Natale and F. Granelli
Robust Audio Hashing for Content Identification
Jaap Haitsma, Ton Kalker and Job Oostveen
Yoshiaki Itoh
A Multilingual Video Transcriptor and Annotation-based Video Transcoding
Shigeki Ohira, Mitsuhiro Yoneoka, Katashi Nagao
15h00-16h15 Oral Session 3: Sounds, Music and Speech Processing
Speech recognition for Dutch Spoken Document Retrieval
R. Ordelman, A. van Hessen, F. de Jong
Laughter Detection for Video Caption Generation
Kyouko Kaneda and Masahide Sugiyama
Content-Based Classification of Musical Instrument Timbres
G.Agostini, M.Longari, E.Pollastri
16h15-16h45 Coffee Break
16h45-17h35 Oral Session 4: Description of Semantic Content
A fuzzy approach to direction relations
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Documents
R. Leonardi, P. Migliorati
18h30-20h30 Social Event
Meeting with the Mayor of Brescia and the Doyen of the University
Guided tour of an impressionist exposition (Palazzo Martinengo) and of the Archeological Museum of Santa Giulia

Thursday, 20th September, 2001

8h45-9h30 Invited Speaker: Alberto Del Bimbo
Multimedia content extraction from video streams
9h30-10h45 Oral Session 5: Image Indexing and Retrieval
Color Based Image Retrieval of Uncalibrated Images
Gianluigi Ciocca, Daniele Marini, Alessandro Rizzi, Raimondo Schettini, Silvia Zuffi
JPEG image retrieval by simple operators
Gerald Schaefer
Colour indexing across devices and viewing conditions
Graham Finlayson and Gerald Schaefer(corresponding author)
10h45-11h15 Coffee Break
11h15-12h30 Oral Session 6: Video Fratures analysis and extraction
A Support Vector Machine-based Approach for Face Detection in Images
Kwang In Kim, Keechul Jung, and Jin Hyung Kim
Text Detection and Extraction in MPEG Video Sequences
Lifang Gu
On Optimum Detection of Multiplicative Watermarks
Qiang Cheng and Thomas S. Huang
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-15h00 Poster Session 2: Content Representation and Applications
Semantic description of multimedia documents: the Mpeg7 approach
Adami N, Bugatti A, Leonardi R, Migliorati P
Describing video contents: the semiotic approach
Minh Phung Bui Thi, Philippe Joly
Efficient video symbolic representation for a content-based management system
Michele Bruzzo, Silvana Dellepiane and Germana Luongo
Rules and visual content-based indexing
Chabane Djeraba
An Image Content Data Model for Image Database Interrogation
Mohamed Tahar Meharga, Sophie Monties, Stefano Spaccapietra
Dynamic Virtual Information Environments Supporting User Adaptive Multimedia Access
Fathi Husein, Matthias Hemmje, Erich Neuhold
A tool for News video scene indexing
Adami N, Leonardi R,
Cross-indexing and access to mixed-media contents
Gwenael Durand and Pascal Faudemay
Collaborative indexing and retrieval by annotation: the case of artistic artifacts
P. Bottoni, C. Garbay, F. Lecca, P. Mussio, P. Rizzo
15h00-16h15 Oral Session 7: User Access and Annotation
Automatic Indexing of Multimedia Performances based on Audience Feedback
Nikitas M. Sgouros
On Kansei-Based Multimedia Information Systems
Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze
Semantic Annotation of Sports Videos
J. Assfalg, M. Bertini, C. Colombo, A. Del Bimbo
16h15-22h30 Social Event
16h15 Bus tour to Desenzano
17h00 Boat tour to Sirmione Peninsula
18h00 Guided tour of the roman villa in Catullo
19h30 Transfer to Castello Malvezzi in Brescia
20h30 Diner

Friday, 21st September, 2001

9h00-9h45 Invited Speaker: Philippe Salembier
An overview of MPEG-7 multimedia description schemes and of future visual information analysis challenges for content-based indexing
9h45 - 11h00 Oral Session 8: Content-Based Retrieval
Content-Based Similarity Search of VRML Models Using Shape Descriptors
Ilias Kolonias, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Stratos Malassiotis and Michael G. Strintzis
A System for Content-based Semantic Indexing of Images Using Description Logic
Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M.Donini, Marina Mongiello
Visualization and Layout for Personal Photo Libraries
Baback Moghaddam, Qi Tian, Neal Lesh, Chia Shen, Thomas Huang
11h00-11h30 Coffee Break
11h30-12h20 Oral Session 9: Evaluation of Access Tools to Multimedia Content
Performance Study of Similarity-Search Methods in High-Dimensional Metric Spaces
Kimmo Hagelberg, Hannu Kauniskangas
Optimal video summaries for simulated evaluation
Itheri Yahiaoui, Bernard Merialdo, Benoit Huet
12h20-14h00 Lunch
14h00-16h15 Special Session on European Projects
Invited Speaker: Franco Mastroddi
Multimedia content processing - european prospects
Metadata for music and sounds: the Cuidado project
Francois Pachet
Unified intelligent access to heterogeneous audiovisual content - the FAETHON project
A. Delopoulos, S. Kollias, Y. Avrithis, W. Haas and K. Majcen
MUMIS: multimedia indexing and searching
Franciska de Jong and Thijs Westerveld
Automatic video indexing with the ADViSOR system
A. Miene, Th. Hermes and G.T. Ioannidis
16h15-16h45 Coffee Break
16h45-18h00 Final Panel
18h00 End of the Workdhop

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